Sky Surfer / Bixler Camera and FPV Mount (for GoPro)

Sky Surfer / Bixler Camera and FPV Mount (for GoPro)

Here’s a fun project for you – a camera / FPV mount for your Sky Surfer / Bixler!  With all the great models we can get ARF these days it is kind of refreshing to get into a small saw dust and CA project.

If you haven’t already done so – download the PDF plan for the camera mount on the right side of this page..

Let’s get started – first you need to print the page out in a 1:1 scale so that you can use this for your template.  I put 1″ markers both vertical and horizontal on the center of the page for comparison.

Materials / Tools

Next you are going to need some materials to build this.  It is quite inexpensive to make using:

1/8″ Plywood
1/2″ x 1/4″ Basswood

Mod Podge
–  for gluing the templates to the wood (described below)
Zap a Gap – great all purpose CA for a variety of projects
Aluminum Foil

And I highly recommend if you don’t already have these:

Cordless Dremel Tool – needed by any serious about the RC hobby
Dremel Cutting Wheel
– I get more use out of this little cutting wheel for cutting  and shaping

Getting Started

First – cut out the shapes needed for the camera mount such that they can be pasted onto the plywood:

Next “Mod Podge” the pieces of paper to the ply wood arranging them such that you minimize the amount of wasted wood.  I do think by first applying a thin coat of Mod Podge to the plywood and then laying the paper on top.  Finalize with a thin coat of Mod Podge on the top of the paper.


Next cut the plywood isolating the pieces for the camera mount build:

I can’t say enough good things about this cutting wheel!  If you have a Dremel tool – GET ONE!!!

I tried to make the PDF plans as accurate as I could to fix the Bixler, but the manufacturing tolerances of the Bixler aren’t that good so once you have the pieces all cut and shaped place them on the Bixler / Sky Surfer for some fine tuning:

Once you have all the parts cut and fitting nicely – it’s time to remove the paper.  Just some warm water and the paper pretty much dissolves off:

Now she’s looking pretty and a good fit to the Bixler:

To get the angles of the back plate and front plate perfect here’s what I do.  Put a sheet of aluminum foil over the cockpit such that you use it to “jig” the camera mount to the perfect angle:

Remember to use good quality glue (no sense in cutting corners) – I use Zap A Gap:

Camera mount is looking good – time to go flying!!!  I have used normal size 64 rubber bands to attach the camera mount to the plane.  Has worked fine for over 100 flights now…

That’s it for now I hope you enjoyed this build log.  Please take your time in building your own and comment this post with any questions you may have.

Camera Mounts For Sale

Just in case you want one already made for you – I have a few extras I have made and am offering them for $30 + $5 shipping within the US.  They aren’t cheap (but neither is your GoPro camera <grins>)  All proceeds are used to support additional projects in the future:

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11 Responses to Sky Surfer / Bixler Camera and FPV Mount (for GoPro)

  1. colorex says:

    Nice of you to share the plans!

  2. Martin says:

    Can zap a gap be used to glue EPO foam? Thanks for the great plan!

  3. Steve says:

    Martin – yes you can…. You can use standard CA too (no necessarily the “foam safe” one – that’s for a different kind of foam).

    You make want to get some Zip Kicker as it seems to take longer to dry on foam as opposed to wood..

  4. kelvin dungca says:

    i have already submit my email but no pdf sheet arived

  5. Erwin says:

    Oh no, check it out, man:

    I think they copied your mount and added tabs.

    • Steve says:

      Erwin – yes, that’s my design and I’ve discussed this with Hobby King it is authorized by me.

      I’m the “Stephen Paker” they mention in the description (they will correct the typo in the name) soon.

      Pretty cool, right?

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