The Day I Lost the Bixler…

Hi Everybody!

Thought I’d post an update on my latest FPV adventures.  Well the spring started off with a bang – literally.  I had received my Remzibi OSD and had first put it on the Bixler.  The Remzibi is really great value for the money (~$66 on Aliexpress) and I’ll post a review of it later.

Unfortunately there was a lot of learning to be had with the FPV with OSD and the key problem I had was using the GoPro as the camera and was flying within an hour of sunset.  I got a view of the sun and lost orientation.  Switching from FPV to visual I tried to locate it in the sky, but couldn’t find it. I went back to FPV and tried to use the home indicator on the OSD, but this was spinning into the ground at that point.

Without a clue of where it`was the video signal was lost.  I moved all the sticks, but couldn’t hear any servo sounds… UGH!

I got in my car and drove around – finally I found a spot where there was a slight video signal.  So I walked around in the general direction that seemed to make the signal stronger…

Eventually I found it..  Smashed to bits !

I must of gone nose first straight into the asphalt.  Destroyed the plane and GoPro…  Oh boy…

Anyways – time to rebuild…


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6 Responses to The Day I Lost the Bixler…

  1. comster says:

    Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the bad crash. Sounds like an expensive one. At least you finally did find the site.

    Didn’t you have an EPP-FPV and also a tricopter? Hope you can still have some fun flights and manage a nice rebuild too. It’s so hard to find time for things.

  2. Steve says:

    Yes – I have the EPP and Tricopter. Actually I’ve been flying the Tri quite a bit and even put the FPV gear + Remzibi on it – and it is a blast! I’ll post more on this at a later time.

    The EPP is nice, but it is bigger and requires assembly for each time I want to go flying. (it was nice to just throw the Bixler in the trunk)

    I built a “Shraut5 dollar foam” flying wing and had a lot of fun with this, but wasn’t sure how well it would turn out, so I never did a build log.. It’s a fun cheap plane, but not sure I will make another one.

    I’ve got a Ritewing mini-Zephyr which I’m finishing up. Not sure if it will be a FPV flier or just a fun RC wing. We’ll see..

    …and we just got another Bixler 1.1 Stay tuned…. ;-)

    What are you up to at the moment?

  3. comster says:

    Tricopters are really great, but I started getting very picky about video quality and have had a hard time scrubbing away all vibrations.

    I really like my Zebro 38 wing, but it’s always a challenge for me to get to a good flying spot. I am going to bring it along on a trip to the Midwest for the end of this month — hopefully easier to fly over there.

    I need to edit some more video and update my site!

  4. Steve says:

    Really? My tricopter has very smooth video. I used the same kind of suspension scheme as Dave/ does with some old gasoline fuel line for the buffer. Works great…

    The Zebro looks great – are you flying FPV with this now?

  5. Andrew says:

    Would have loved to see some photos…FPV and RC planes can be tough going sometimes…guess thats the nature of the hobby!

  6. Steve says:

    HEHE – I wrote this up on vacation… I’ll post the pics soon… ;-)

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