Radio Controlled Microcontroller System

With fall rapidly approaching it’s time to starting thinking about winter projects.  Over the past year I have been working offline with an ARM microcontroller with the intention that it would be used for my RC/FPV ambitions when I was ready.  There was a lot of learning to be done with this before I could share/teach was I was learning, but now I think I’m ready.

I’ve been hesitant to share this with my readers as previous posts which were overly technical didn’t seem to resonate with my audience as the more general posts on RC planes and FPV.  It worried me that if I simply shift gears too suddenly it might be the same as staring a new blog from scratch.

The reality here is I’m not flying as much as I was and am not creating the content as I did when I started.  There are a lot more RC websites out there now – covering many of the same topics.  I also don’t want this to be a site which is covering the same topics as many other RC websites – it needs to be a source of content which is interesting an unique.

At this point I’ve decided to go full force in this direction and while we may lose some readers I believe we’ll more than make up for this with a new audience.  So strap in and enjoy the ride.  ;-)

The first project I’ll be exploring is a Radio Controlled Microcontroller System.  This isn’t intended to be a clone of any of the very good controllers out there now – but a starting point for new projects and experiments.  It is also a way to explore modern hobby electronics in a way that might motivate people to try one of these experiments themselves.


There are many potential uses for this system as I will be exploring with my RC cars and RC/FPV planes (and will be interested in hearing about other ideas from my readers).

I’ve sent my first design out for PCB manufacturing:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz002

It includes:

  • NXP’s LPC1114 DIP28
  • A bluetooth interface to a PC or mobile device
  • An MPU6050 gyro/accelerometer
  • 4x Servo inputs from a RC receiver
  • 4x Servo outputs to ESCs or servos
  • A SWD in-circuit system programming interface for flashing and controlling the chip
  • An LED to monitor operation

With this setup I’m initially looking to:

  • Port my tricopter Arduino code over to the more powerful ARM processor
  • Monitor my RC car’s performance for weekly racing
  • Stabilize the Bixler’s flight

There is a lot to cover here and I’m excited to start this new thread.  Looking forward to your comments!



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4 Responses to Radio Controlled Microcontroller System

  1. Tom Minnick says:

    Awesome Steve, I look forward to seeing where this project goes.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Tom – will be looking for your feedback. I want to approach this in a “do try this at home” way. Hopefully that will include you…

    I think this is a better direction that just doing reviews of pre-existing products.

  3. Roger Lowery says:

    Just what we need Steve. How can we progress our hobby without some technical experimantation. Sure, we can’t all do it; but I, for one, fully support those that can.
    Good work, Roger

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