About Me

About Me

I live in East Fishkill, NY and write about my adventures in FPV (“First Person View”) RC vehicles, microcontrollers, and photography.¬† I started building and flying RC planes in 1987, have spent the past 14 years as a electrical/computer engineer (holder of 3 US patents), and I’m a published professional photographer¬† (www.stevenparker.com).

This web site was set up so I could share my FPV projects and videos with my friends all over the world (from the local RC clubs/shops to the all the other folks I’ve connected with all over the world).

Hope you enjoy it.


17 Responses to About Me

  1. davey says:

    Hi Steve.

    Just found the site. Great stuff. I’ve got a witespy quad with a FPV set up I’m putting together. Let me know when you are in Coldspring next as I would love to come hang out and see you fly, and maybe get some tips.
    I’m in Garrison so I’m not far away. You go to Willies?

    bye for now.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Davey – I’m always happy to meet up with local FPV enthusiasts.. Sure we can meet up, and I’d like to check out your quad… Where do you normally fly?

    What is Willies?


  3. davey says:

    Whistling Willies on Main St & Rt9 (Pub for Drinking)

    I fly anywhere around Coldspring/Garrison.

    I’m currently waiting for my new Naza board to arrive, so my quad is disabled at the moment but i hope to be out this weekend.

  4. Ivan says:

    Hi Steve! Great site, a lot of interestning info!

    Ivan aka Mortis (Russia).
    My FPV site: eppfpv.ru


    HEY, will you be doing any more uploads???…

  6. Rad Tatis says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m from Wappingers Falls, also a photographer(as a hobby) and have started to read about FPV with Quadcopters. Friend of mine sent me over your site. Great amount of info on your website, will be helpful in helping me get started. Great work!

    Hope to meet one day and check out this wonderful hobby.


    • Steve says:

      Great – welcome Rad… When are we going flying???

      • Rad Tatis says:

        I hope to have it all built within the next couple of weeks.
        Sandy is delaying the build right now as my day job is being consumed with efforts to get things back up and running.
        Let me know if you will b e flying anytime in the next couple of weekends. I’d love to tag alone if you don’t mind.
        Have you built quad’s?


  7. Steve says:

    My next build is a quad the “HAL” from Hobby King – got all the parts and need to start building… After that I get working on the Kickstarter project…

  8. Steve says:

    But currently I am flying a Tricopter – have you seen my posts on the blog?

    • Rad Tatis says:

      I’ve briefly gone through some of the posts, but nothing in detail yet. Working pretty hard right now, from home. I do Information technology for a financial firm and we’re in the middle of disaster recovery mode because of Sandy. Once things return back to ‘normalcy’, I’ll have more time to get back on the quad project.


  9. Andrew says:

    Hello Steve,

    I wish I knew about your website before I moved from Windham NY in the Catskills….Would have loved to do a few FPV flights with you!! Great website, it must keep you busy. Thanks for all the helpful info. Keep it up!

  10. Steve says:

    Thanks Andrew!

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