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Whoo – Hooo! My Arduino based Tricopter controller hovers and flies!

Anyone want to hear more???

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The Arduino based Multi-Rotor controller

What a great day! I’ve got my Arudino based RC controller coded up to the point that I am starting flight tests. I don’t know if any of you out there have tuned a PID controller, but that’s what I’m … Continue reading

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What is Arduino?

What is Arduino? So, for some time now I’ve wanted to post about my experiences with microcontrollers.  For anybody who is interested, a microcontroller is a very inexpensive computer which can be found in many everyday products (cell phones, iPods, … Continue reading

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Invensense 3200 Breakout Board Design

Ok – here’s a new post which is somewhat different from what you’ve seen before.  I’m working on my own controller for the Tricopter (although it could be suitable for the Bixler).  The first component in this series is creating … Continue reading

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