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  1. wang says:

    hi, i am searching FPV systerm in google then come to ur website, i sell fpv systerm, but i amnot recommending my product to u , just say hello ^_^ from China.
    Merry Chrstimas ^_^

  2. Ed Tyberghein says:

    Steve, appreciate all the good stuff on your web site. I too have a Bixler which I am outfitting for FPV. I personally ruled out Eagle Tree as it only allowed me 3 waypoints that I could input compared to Dragon Sys. which has 20. Another system you have not mentioned is the RUBY SYSTEM. I does not have osd but the features it has like auto circle and landing the plane for you and training wheels is unique. I contacted them and they just wrote back the following concerning osd for RUBY. Web site:

    Hi Ed,
    There are a number of features including those that you mention in our upcoming product. If you care to sign the attached NDA and send me a photo / scanned image of the document, I can share details and sell you a prerelease version if you’re interested.



    —– Original Message —–
    From: EDLITE
    Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 8:38 PM
    Subject: capibilities of Ruby

    I am reviewing OSD’s for RC craft. Your product, Ruby, has a lot of very nice features. I also wonder if it has ability to go to preprogrammed GPS waypoints. Second does it offer artificial horizon and last does it have variometer audio function?

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the feedback – it’s always nice when I hear back from my readers.. Glad you are enjoying the hobby too..

    Do you have any specs on any of the other fpv systems which you could share for inclusion in the list I’m putting together?



  4. Ed Tyberghein says:

    Steve, I am doing a lot of reading as I am new to FPV. Do you want just what I have found that is not in your list? I am sure you have reviewed all specs. on the systems that are on your list.
    I did sign the letter on conf. to Jim Hall and I should hear back from him shortly with specs and price. I will gladly share w/your following. Any idea where I can find Aero-Master sailplane glider? I have decided this has got to be one of the best FPV planes around but a bit expensive compared to others.

  5. Steve says:

    Yes – please fill in any details about the systems you have found.. It’s hard to do a comprehensive review of all these systems without buying them, and there simply isn’t enough demand for these units to justify a complete review..

    If you signed the letter to Jim Hall I suspect you will not be able to share details of their system – this is typical within the technology field. Please do not provide any info on their system that is under NDA..

    Which brand of Aero Master are you thinking about getting? There seems to be a few of them.


    • Ed Tyberghein says:

      Right, no doubt I would not share anything that Jim does not want me to; I would clear anything w/him first before posting.

      The Aero-Master is a sailplane with a pusher 2 or 3 blade prop and usually advirtised in white and yellow. It has approx. a 98″ wing spread and sells locally at Hobby Lobby for about 325.00. I feel a plane of this size can not only carry a big load but also be stingy with electricity. It seems to get good reviews by FPV folks but finding one is another story at least for now.

  6. Virgilijus says:


    I see DOSD (No. 9) has only video issue? Where are good points of it?


  7. Steve says:

    Hi Virgilijus -at this point we are still doing the research on the systems.



  8. Alastair says:

    Hi Steve! Sorry to bother you, but I subscribed to your newsletter (which, by the way, is awesome- keeps me up to date with all that’s going on), I downloaded the Bixler camera mount PDF and then lost it on my computer, could you please e-mail it to me?As I tried re-subscribing to the newsletter in order to re-download the plan, but it wouldn’t let me :) I’d like to give it a shot at making one as I am about to order a JVC Picsio FM1 cam, to replace my cheapo HobbyKing board camera, and get some better fpv footage…

    Thanks and happy flying,
    Al :D

  9. ldj says:

    I am on my second Bixler, and my GoPro Hero2 just arrived in the mail. Now its time to build your mount. Ill let you know once im flying!

  10. Stewart says:

    Nice minimalist tricopter. I like your basic setup, I’m just getting into FPV and spent a small fortune. Funny enough I got myself a Bixler which lead me to your blog site but it took so long to come (just arrived) I got myself a cheap Dragon-1 which tooks me a week to slowly build, a little like your excellent tricopter which I may copy later. There’s is more satisfaction getting a cheap system, which may require a bit of tinkering, to work.

  11. Steve says:

    Stewart – thanks for your comment… Good luck with your Bixler!


  12. Kenny says:

    I enjoy your newsletter. How difficult did you find flying a tri-copter compared to a standard RC collective pitch helicopter?

  13. Steve says:

    Hi Kenny – personally I find the tricopter to be easier to fly than any CP helicopter I’ve had. It may be a little more difficult than the coax, but hard to tell..

    What are you flying now?


  14. Andy H says:

    Did you get my email I sent you about flying next week?? Also, there is an rc show down at the Meadowlands next weekend. Thought you might like to know.


  15. Vince Ricca says:


    I would like to get updates on your new FPV camera mount design along with any other incites for this hobby. Great work you are doing.


  16. Steve says:

    Sure Vince – did you sign up for my mailing list?


  17. Guy says:

    Hi Steve.
    is there a page describing your tri-copter ?
    setup / build / stuff ….

    i am about to build a tri-copter and need every help i can get :)

    p.s. your tri-copter video is amazing !


    • Steve says:

      @Guy – see the post “A Tricopter is Born” for some of the details behind the development of this tricopter… I should do a proper build log one of these days.. ;-)

  18. dave says:


    We are going to be making a video about Philipstown/Coldspring over the next few month for a video project for a local online newspaper.

    Would you be interested in shooting some video for us?

    let me know.

    845 736-4131

  19. Robert Awtry says:

    Will this fit the Bixler 2?

  20. Stewart Wood says:

    A plug for Horizon FPV antennas, TJHobbies also supplies them and provides a very good service. I’ve just tried his 433MHz Turnstyle in combination with a Sander style aerial on a EZUHF 8 ch diversity receiver & I didn’t get any fail safes which I was suffering from before.

    I’ve also tried a pair of SP 2.4GHz antennas for video and they are better than other makes I’ve tried. I’m going to try his 2.4GHz BH lite helical shortly with a 2.4Ghz SP in a video diversity arrangement using EagleEyes. At the moment I’m using a 2.4GHz SP with a TBS 11 Db yagi on a pole attached to a rucksack using two Lawmate 2.4GHz receivers; works very well. He has a full range of 5.8G antennas as well and will shortly be releasing some 2.4GHz Nimrods basically SP with a radio transparent protective case. Give him a try.

    • Stewart Wood says:

      Just to add I changed over to 2.4GHz from 5.8G for video since I was getting much better range and less interference. I fly in a radio noisy area. I chose Lawmate 2.4Ghz 500mW transmitters but Lwmate have had some bad feedback from some suppliers and the case design is bad. I bought a TBS tuned version of the above and it works brilliantly I also got their tuned version of the2.4GHz Lawmate receiver as well. Quite expensive but its somewhat comforting to know someone with electrical experience has checked over the Lawmate gear which when working works well, and the 500mW vTx is tiny.

  21. Stewart Wood says:

    I just saw my earlier comment. I actually abandoned the Bixler and bought an MPX EasyStar II RR and attached Nano-S aileron servos to the wing. It served me well. I’ve now changed to a Phantom FPV (Fx-6i) wing which after a shakey start, I almost lost it due to a servo failure, I really like and with a bigger motor is much more powerful than the Easystar. I’ve been using an EZOSD but I’ve just bought the AY-41AP for the RTH mode which is in the post as of wring, but I was disappointed to find this has no RSSI! Anyhow I’ll be following your RC controller series.

    • Stewart Wood says:

      Anyone thinking of getting a Phantom FPV get the kit version with SK3 35-42, 1000KV with the APC 11×4.7 SFP slow flyer pusher prop, PLUSH 60A receiver and Hitec HS-65MG servos. That’s my setup and it works well. I’ve been using a Nanotech 35-70C, 3S, 5000mAh Lipo. Also while I’m at it FatShark Micro FPV Pilot Cam 420TVL works brilliantly on low light and doesn’t blackout facing the sun, excellent WDR. For a HD video recording I’m using the Mobius ActionCam HD Camera 1080P. The video quality is as good as a GoPro 3 silver which I’ve just sold.

  22. Steve says:

    How does the original MPX Easystar compare to the Bixler?

    I built the Bixler 1.1 as a replacement to my original, and it is much improved…


    • Stewart Wood says:

      Hi Steve, I didn’t fly the Bixler, I actually bought both version. I don’t know what it was I just didn’t like the look of it. I was also feeling lazy and impulsively bought the EasyStar II RR since it was virtually all setup apart from the aileron servos. Really nice plane but pricier. I started out using a Nanotech, 3S, 3000mAh Lipo and managed to squeeze in a Zippy Compact 3S, 3700mAh but with all my FPV gear it was a little weighed down and hand launches resembled a bit like the film, “Those Magnificant Men in their Flying Machines”. Once in the air it was fine. I recently stripped out all my FPV gear & transferred it to the Phantom which is much better. But I have a soft touch for the Easystar since it was my first FPV plane, so I’ll probably getting it flying again. I was going to use it with the new FrSky X8R receiver but I was short of funds and had to sell my 5.8G video gear so I may be using an old Lawmate 2.4GHz 500mW receiver which I modded to improve the cooling. Purchased before I later bought the TBS tuned version. With an EZUHF 8 Ch Lite 433MHz receiver. I was interested in the range of the FrSky X8R with PCB antennae but I’m probably now not going to be able to test it since I don’t have any compatible video radio gear.

  23. Stewart Wood says:

    Its expensive but you should try this alternative to Velcro:
    3M Dual Lock. It comes on one reel not like the hook and loop Velcro which is on separate reels. Quite expensive where I got it from (ebay) but it works brilliantly & much stronger.

  24. Stewart says:

    Myflydream famous for their tracking antenna have just released a new dual prop plane which looks very interesting for those looking for long distance flights. They call it the MyTwinDream FPV Plane. AGL Aerial Video Solutions have published build videos on YouTube I’m waiting to get mine.

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