Sky Surfer / Hobby King Bixler FPV Conversion Thread

Hi guys and gals!   Welcome to the Sky Surfer / Hobby King Bixler FPV Conversion Thread.  This thread is for people who own or are thinking about buying a Hobby King Bixler or Banana Hobby Sky Surfer.  The way I’m looking to run this is to publish the important information everybody can share in this page and use the comments section for the latest and greatest information.

Vendors / Equipment

1.  Hobby King now carries the “Bixler” which is a clone of the Banana Hobby Sky Surfer and Multiplex EZStar – there are a number of version of the Bixler available:

Hobbyking Bixler EPO 1400mm (ARF)
~$51.44  Almost Ready to Fly model from the Hong Kong Warehouse

GoPro Hero Naked
$199 – great all purpose video + still FPV camera, but has substantial size weight.  Very much usable with the Bixler provided you have a solid camera mount.

808 #11 Keychain camera – I got mine from here Although not for FPV – this is a good starter aerial videocamera.  Available on eBay – see‘s website for the latest information.  The 808 is light and can easily be attached to the Bixler with velcro.

Video Equipment

5.8G 200mW FPV Wireless AV TX & RX Set
This is the system I am installing now, website to be updated based build.

A lot of great information on this web page related to FPV equipment, and the owner is quite knowledgeable.  If you have any information using this equipment – please comment below.

Another full service FPV equipment vendor.

Getting Started

The Bixler / Sky Surfer as purchased are not sufficient for flying expensive FPV equipment and require modifications in order to make them suitable for FPV.  This thread is not going into the details of what modification are needed, but there is an excellent thread on RC Groups for this discussion:

I have personally made many of these upgrades and I suggest that you make many of the suggested upgrades to your plane before any FPV / aerial photo/video flying.  Only once you have 20 or more successful flights with your modified Bixler should you think of attempting the next steps.





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