Are you kidding me????

Obviously not my video  – what an idiot!

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The Day I Lost the Bixler…

Hi Everybody!

Thought I’d post an update on my latest FPV adventures.  Well the spring started off with a bang – literally.  I had received my Remzibi OSD and had first put it on the Bixler.  The Remzibi is really great value for the money (~$66 on Aliexpress) and I’ll post a review of it later.

Unfortunately there was a lot of learning to be had with the FPV with OSD and the key problem I had was using the GoPro as the camera and was flying within an hour of sunset.  I got a view of the sun and lost orientation.  Switching from FPV to visual I tried to locate it in the sky, but couldn’t find it. I went back to FPV and tried to use the home indicator on the OSD, but this was spinning into the ground at that point.

Without a clue of where it`was the video signal was lost.  I moved all the sticks, but couldn’t hear any servo sounds… UGH!

I got in my car and drove around – finally I found a spot where there was a slight video signal.  So I walked around in the general direction that seemed to make the signal stronger…

Eventually I found it..  Smashed to bits !

I must of gone nose first straight into the asphalt.  Destroyed the plane and GoPro…  Oh boy…

Anyways – time to rebuild…


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Tricopter FPV with Remzibi OSD and 600TVL Sony Super HAD CCD D-WDR

Tricopter FPV with Remzibi OSD and 600TVL Sony Super HAD CCD D-WDR

Comments please….

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Bixler World Locator…

Check out this link Tyler made to illustrate where the Bixlers are in the world:

Thread at RCG is here –

Google Map Link is here –

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Another favorite….

Another favorite of mine…

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Spektrum DX6i Box Opening

Hey Everybody…  Got a new radio recently and wanted to share it with you…  After a lot of research and debating I settled on a Spektrum DX6i from Amazon for $139:

Ok – so why would an FPVer decide to choose this radio over one of the other more mainstream “FPV” radios.  Well here’s my list of must haves for the new radio:

  1. A radio that could easily support a buddy box system with my existing DX5E
  2. Multi-model support to run my Tricopter, Bixler, and the Zephyr build which I am working on
  3. Full capabilities of throttle curves, expos, dual rates, reversing and the like
  4. Compatibilities with my other 2.4Ghz receivers (Spektrum and OrangeRX)
  5. Upwards compatibility with LRS systems from Dragon Link and EZUHF

It really came down to a decision of the Turnigy 9 channel radios systems and the DX6i.  With the Turnigy I would have opted for the FrSky system (which doesn’t seem to be compatible with Spektrum/OrangeRX without another transmitter module).  Also, which there is a path to use the Turnigy TX with the DX5E later – it isn’t obvious and requires a new cable to be created.

Either system could be used with an eventual LRS system, and as I grow into that need I can use the DX6i as is and even with a 2.4G booster in the future should I want to extend the range.

Let’s continue with the box opening:

Comes nicely packaged with a high quality instruction manual plus the rechargeable batteries as seen above.

The fit and finish of the DX6i is really good and even better than what I had with the DX5E.  The LCD display menu system is adequate, but can be time consuming when you are entering the text for the name of a model.

Another view showing the manual and the batteries.

Close up showing all the knobs and switches.  The learning curve isn’t too bad from the DX5E.  The binding sequence is very similar and so are the rest of the “basics” like trims.

Here you can see more detail of the design.  The “Trottle Cut” seen here can also be used to start and stop a flight timing if you choose to.  You can also see the dual rate switches for the elevators and ailerons.

Here we’ve got the rechargeable batteries (which I am sure will make the radio pay for itself this seasons!

Flying with the DX6i is really great.  For the Bixler I’m having fun using the expos on it  to really dial in some smooth flying characteristics.  It can really alter the complete flight characteristics of the plane.

Using it on the Tricopter has been great too.  I especially like using the expos as well as having the model selected as a “helicopter type” which allows you to draw very nice throttle curves to allow very precise vertical control of the model.  On the DX5E it was one click for up and the one for down.  This is a dream to fly now!

Ok – that’s it for now.  I’ve got some projects in the works which I’ll be sharing in the next week or so..

Comments welcome!


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Epic Drama

Remember this one?


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Spring is almost here….

Hi FPVers…

Spring in almost here, so I thought I would shoot out an update on where we are and what is going on.  Spent most of the build seasons working on some cool electronics.  The main effort was in putting together a modules for our RC cars as an RC Restrictor Plate:

There’s been a lot of learning on my part in terms of electronic design, PCB design, as well as surface mout technology.  All a lot of fun, but since I’ve been learning as I do this I haven’t felt that I should post until I learn it first.

About the Restrictor Plate – it is a combination RPM sensor and controller to adjust the max speed of the RC cars.  At out tracks the cars are just too fast for my son at the moment so I needed to design something which could slow down all the cars to EXACTLY the same speed.

We’re putting together a few of these now for race testing.  Stay tuned.

Please let me know if there is interest in these types of electronics projects (RC related – some FPV some not…)  I could easily do some tutorials on what I’ve learned if there is interest.

Also, I’ve opened an online store to sell some of the things which I’ve been buying in bulk lately as well as to get rid of some of my RC stuff I’m not using any more.

Check out the store HERE…

To get started I’ve put some high quality solderless breadboards on there – which are GREAT for RC/FPV prototyping:

I’ve got 6 of them left – so get them while they last!

A last note – Spring is almost here and I’m looking to get active with flying again..  Look for some new videos soon!

All the best,


P.S.  Comments Welcome!

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