Epic Drama

Remember this one?


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Spring is almost here….

Hi FPVers…

Spring in almost here, so I thought I would shoot out an update on where we are and what is going on.  Spent most of the build seasons working on some cool electronics.  The main effort was in putting together a modules for our RC cars as an RC Restrictor Plate:

There’s been a lot of learning on my part in terms of electronic design, PCB design, as well as surface mout technology.  All a lot of fun, but since I’ve been learning as I do this I haven’t felt that I should post until I learn it first.

About the Restrictor Plate – it is a combination RPM sensor and controller to adjust the max speed of the RC cars.  At out tracks the cars are just too fast for my son at the moment so I needed to design something which could slow down all the cars to EXACTLY the same speed.

We’re putting together a few of these now for race testing.  Stay tuned.

Please let me know if there is interest in these types of electronics projects (RC related – some FPV some not…)  I could easily do some tutorials on what I’ve learned if there is interest.

Also, I’ve opened an online store to sell some of the things which I’ve been buying in bulk lately as well as to get rid of some of my RC stuff I’m not using any more.

Check out the store HERE…

To get started I’ve put some high quality solderless breadboards on there – which are GREAT for RC/FPV prototyping:

I’ve got 6 of them left – so get them while they last!

A last note – Spring is almost here and I’m looking to get active with flying again..  Look for some new videos soon!

All the best,


P.S.  Comments Welcome!

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Did anybody catch this last night?


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New Project – Sneak Peek

Who wants to hear more??  ;-)  -Steve


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My Tricopter Tail Rotor Assembly

My Tricopter Tail Rotor Assembly

Got a request to put out some more detail about my tricopter tail rotor assembly…  Here it is ->  click here

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Externally Powered GoPro

I recently modified my GoPro case and made a cable to power it off my KK controller.  Check it out ->  Read the full post Externally Powered GoPro



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Latest Tricopter Flying….

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LPC1769 LPCXpresso

Hey guys – starting to work with a new processor (with a lot more power than the Arduino)…

Check out the project page here..

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