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  1. John Elliott says:

    Hello, I am an old fossil new to this game with rc planes and fpv and I am trying to make sense of all the info coming in. Not having loads of money and having a fare amount of time I thought I’d go with a Mini Talon, a Cyclops Tornado OSD, and the Orange open LRS set up. (It’s being able to fly around where you want that got hold of my imagination.) I live in outback Australia so have no clubs or people to get info from and have picked up what I can from forums etc. Now this Arduino stuff has got me stumped.
    I discovered your site but cannot find the info I hoped for about getting started and the gear you should use for down loading. I got myself a load of gadgets that I think is needed to put codes from “the net” into the Orange tx and rx but having got them they have no names on them so who knows what does what. Thing is I need some help with this Open LRS system hopefully your the man.
    Regards John

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